January 2018 Dirt Late Model

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January 2018 Dirt Late Model


Rocket Man Makes History at DTWC
Josh Ricards entered the Dirt Track World Championships trailing Tim McCreadie by 40 points; giving him a simple strategy for the event. Just win. pg. 16

My ‘DTWC’ Notebook
Kevin Kovac’s notes and observations from the nail-bitier at Portsmouth that saw Josh Richards make history. pg. 21

Dirt Late Model Magazine’s Salute to the 2017 Champions
Our annual tribute to Late Model champions across the country from a multitude of sanctioning bodies and divisions.
Josh Richards pg. 28
Brandon Sheppard pg. 34
Nick Anvelink pg. 40
Tyler Bare pg. 40
Tyler Carpenter pg. 40
Bryce Davis pg. 42
Tanner English pg. 42
Jon Henry pg. 42
Dave Hess, Jr. pg. 42
Benji Hicks pg. 44
Jeremy Hines pg. 44
Henry Hornsby III pg. 45
Austin Horton pg. 46
Tony Jackson, Jr. pg. 46
John Kaanta pg. 46
Justin Kay pg. 46
Greg Kimmons pg. 48
Chris Kratzer pg. 49
Donald McIntosh pg. 49
Aaron Marrant pg. 50
Dona Marcoullier pg. 50
Tyler Millwood pg. 50
Zack Mitchell pg. 52
Brandon Overton pg. 52
Terry Phillips pg. 52
Bobby Pierce pg. 53
Tad Pospisil pg. 56
Jeff Rine pg. 57
Logan Robertson pg. 58
Rusty Schlenk pg. 58
Don Shaw pg. 60
Jesse Sobbing pg. 60
Jack Sullivan pg. 60
Chad Thrash pg. 61
Ricky Weiss pg. 61

The 2017 Dirt Late Model Magazine Driver of the Year
Dan Dohman ranks the top-10 drivers of the 2017 season. pg. 63

Trackside w/Suzanne Talbott pg. 66

The Wire pg. 68

Speed Shop pg. 72

My ‘World Finals’ Notebook
The sights and sounds from the Craftsman World of Outlaws season finale. pg. 73

Through the Lens pg. 80

Advertiser’s Index pg. 87

Parting View pg. 87

Mike O’Connor [Editor] pg. 6
Steve Davis pg. 8
Kelley Carlton pg. 10
Gary Heeman pg. 12
Steve Halpainy pg. 14