July 2015 Dirt Modified

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July 2015 Dirt Modified


The Best Kept Secret
Mandan, North Dakota’s Shawn Strand has made the transition from two-wheels to four pretty successfully. pg. 16

In Good Company: Out-Pace Racing Products
The Roger’s family-owned Freeport, Illinois business came into existance after the engineering brothers went racing and found a need for product improvements. pg. 23

Happy Where He’s At
Chris Henigan’s decision to quit baseball to free-up his Saturday’s to help his father race has proven to be a wise decision, as the Texas driver has created a pretty successful resume for himself. pg. 26

Winning and Having Fun
Writer Lee Ackerman profiles IMCA Northern SportMod hot shoe Kyle Prauner. pg. 32

Challenge Accepted
Clearwater, Minnesota’s Dale Mathison left the Super Stock ranks because he was tired of working around fenders. It proved a wise choice, as the veteran has captured wins across the country, from his home state to Georgia and Florida. pg. 36

Makings Of A Champion
Two-thousand thirteen IMCA National Champion William Gould is profiled. pg. 44

Mark Bush answers your questions. pg. 52

Opportunity Knocks
Jake Hartung has made the most of the opportunities presented to him, both on and off the track. pg. 56

The Wire pg. 66

New Products pg. 74

Meet the Driver: Logan Martin pg. 77

Speed Shop pg. 78

The Chassis Spotlight presented by BSB Manufacturing: Killer Chassis pg. 79

The Next Level
Emily Jordan takes on the challenges of both racing and being a full-time college student head on. pg. 80

Shooting Gallery pg. 86

Advertisers Index pg. 95

Turn Out the Lights... pg. 96

Mike O’Connor (Editor) pg. 6
Steve Davis pg. 8
Cyndi Stiffler pg. 10
Ray Beste pg. 12
Scott Erickson pg. 14
Travis J. Cushion pg. 72