JULY 2018 Dirt Modified

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JULY 2018 Dirt Modified


Steady Does It
Montevido, Minnesota’s Matt Gilbertson caught the racing bug early in life. That love of racing has never left him. pg. 14

Family Matters
Monte and Lezlie Chisholm were never big race fans growing up and rarely went to the race track. A random drawing at Deer Creek Speedway by Monte’s brother, Mark, changed all that and now the entire family is completely ensconced. pg. 22

In Good Company: Brinn Inc.
Writer Bob Appleget profiles Brinn, Inc. The company Herb Brinn started nearly 40 years ago. pg. 30

Gambling On Himself
Many people would say that most promoters are ‘gamblers’, and probably the same could be said about a lot of racers as well. For ‘The Flying Dutchman’ Mike Van Genderen its all part of the game. Not only is he a promoter and racer, but he also happens to be a professional gambler, when his other two ‘jobs’ don’t keep him away from the card table. pg. 36

I’ll Always Be A Part of It
Jeff Strunk had amassed over 300 wins before he was 20. Now approaching 50, the Pennsylvania driver still shows that he has what it takes to compete against the best drivers in the business. pg. 44

Mark Bush discusses how crew members can improve their team’s process of identifying on-track and performance issues correctly. pg. 50

The Modified Chronicles
Tribute to the Modifieds of the Past. pg. 53

The Wire pg. 54

The Club 91 Corner with ‘Big Daddy’ Joe Duvall pg. 61

The Chassis Spotlight: Assault Race Cars pg. 62

Speed Shop pg. 63

Three In One
When Leon Manchester and Robert Paz and his brothers opened Bridgeport Speedway in 1972, they never imagined what it has become today - a track within a track within a track. pg. 64

Shooting Gallery pg. 72

Ad Index pg. 83

Turn Out the Lights pg. 84

Mike O’Connor (Editor) pg. 6
Steve Davis pg. 8
Cyndi Stiffler pg. 10
Scott Erickson pg. 12
Adam Cornell pg. 13