March 2012 Dirt Late Model

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March 2012 Dirt Late Model


Gaining Momentum
Pennsylvania FASTRAK driver Josh Holtgraver is profiled. pg. 18

My ‘Wild West Shootout’ Notebook
Ben Shelton gives readers his notes and observations from a WWSO that saw close to record car counts and a stellar field of Late Model drivers decend upon USA Raceway. pg. 22

No Superstitions
Michigan blueberry farmer J.R. Hotovy throws out the stereotypical ‘do not’ list as he proudly pilots his ‘lucky’ #13 around the track. pg. 28

Donnie Chappell
This Florida racer looks to become the next big thing, as he looks to expand his weekly racing program and take it to the next level. pg. 37

The Monster Within
West Monroe, Lousiana’s Timothy Culp battles his own ‘Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome’ as he rises in the ranks of the next big up-and-comers in Late Model racing. pg. 42

The ‘Undertaker’
Call him ‘Superman’ or the ‘Undertaker’, Chris Wilson is getting things done when it comes racing in Kentucky. pg. 51

The Racing Davis’
Al Martin takes a look at the storied tales of Junkman Motorsports and Ernie ‘D’. pg. 56

Blast from the Past: Lee Ackerman recalls the early big-money events at Ohio’s Tri-County Speedway. pg. 65

TECH: Mark Bush shares set-up tips for those early season, heavy track conditions. pg. 68

The Wire pg. 74

New Products pg. 82

Speed Shop pg. 85

Meet the Driver: Roddey Bolin pg. 87

Through the Lens pg. 88

Advertisers Index pg. 95

Parting View pg. 96

Mike O’Connor [Editor] pg. 7
Chris Stepan pg. 8
Steve Davis pg. 11
Kelley Carlton pg. 12
Ben Shelton pg. 15
Ray Beste pg. 16